Physical Therapy

You may require the services of a physical therapist due to an injury, illness, birth defect, stroke, or after an operation. The goal of our physical therapists is to help you function to your maximum ability by working with you to regain motion, maintain strength, and make you active and independent.

Working with your doctor, our physical therapists will evaluate your condition and develop a plan of treatment. They will then provide treatment to restore movement and instruct you and/or family members in an individualized therapy program and monitor your progress. Your progress will be communicated to your physician so that treatment can be maximized for your benefit.

A Home Health Plus physical therapist may teach you how to use a brace, crutch, cane, walker or how to climb stairs. It could be that some home equipment would be recommended by the therapist in order to make it safer and easier for you to be independent. Whatever your circumstances, our physical therapists can help you regain the independence which many of us take for granted.