Occupational Therapy

Home Health Plus' occupational therapists use goal-directed activity to evaluate and treat people whose ability to function has been impaired by normal aging, illness, injury or developmental disability. Our therapists can teach you new or different ways to carry out daily tasks such as dressing and cooking. Occupational therapists can assist you with: activities to improve memory, planning and self-management skills, adaptations for vision or hearing loss, education and retraining in daily living skills, home environmental design adaptation and splints and adaptive equipment.

The road to recovery often includes regaining skills and function lost due to accidents, stroke or other illnesses. Therapy is available through Home Health Plus to help you regain those lost skills and sometimes something even more important . . . your independence.

Occupational therapists specialize in treatments that enable patients to perform the general activities of daily living (ADL's) such as bathing, eating, dressing and basic household routines. Generally individuals who have physical, developmental and/or social problems might need the skills of an occupational therapist. Occupational therapy is delivered in accordance with physician's orders and as defined in a plan of care.