Home Health Aide Services

Home health aides or homemakers may be what you require. They are a vital part of our health care team. Their responsibilities are to assist you with your household and/or personal care needs allowing you to stay or return home.

The home health aide/homemaker's services are based on your individual requirements. This may include help with bathing and dressing, meal preparation, shopping, laundering, light housekeeping, assisting you with prescribed physical therapy exercises, speech drills from the speech therapist, or changing non-sterile dressings. Home health aides/homemakers may be just the help you need to recover at home from surgery, for people with disabilities who need help with certain tasks, or for older people who with a little assistance could remain independent at home.

Home health aides/homemaker service can be provided in conjunction with the other services we offer or independently. We will design a plan to meet your needs allowing you to remain at home.

Home health aides/homemakers are supervised by a registered nurse who will make periodic visits to insure that your needs are being met and to recommend adjustments to your plan of care to your physician.